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StruxHub was born walking jobsites around the world and listening to your daily frictions. In 2018, we decided to do something about it and started building StruxHub.

Our Origin Story

StruxHub was born out of hundreds of hours of conversations with General Contractors around the world.

Back in 2017, LafargeHolcim—the largest building materials supplier—was asking itself what all large industrial players were and still asking: "Where do we start our digital transformation?" Jeff, a Digital Manager at LafargeHolcim at the time, was tasked to lead a team of 10 people to answer this question.


After talking with hundred's of AEC professionals over 3 continents, the team split up to pursue the ideas that could have the biggest impact.


StruxHub was based on the repeated observations that—no matter where you were in the world, how advanced the contractor, how critical the job— Projects still had trucks lined up outside the jobsite waiting to get on site, and Supers were still scribbling on pieces of paper to track the progress of $500m projects. There had to be a better way.


We have served of 13,000 trucks and over 3 million square feet of construction. We are actively searching for our next construction partners that are looking to reduce their job site chaos, improve the communication across their teams, and tighten the link between field and office.


Talk to you soon.


Jeff Chen & Chris Schmidt


Our Team

Jeff Chen


Jeff has been heading StruxHub since 2018 after spending a year traveling and talking with amazing builders around the world.

Jeff is a product guy at heart. Before StruxHub, Jeff worked in France and cooked up new types of concrete that are being used around the world. During that time, Jeff learned how to speak French, lead teams, and have them think big.


Today, when Jeff isn't working on design or sales, he hangs out with his 2 kids and wife in Zurich and sneaks off to go for swim in the lake whenever he can.

Chris Schmidt 


Chris met Jeff while working at Flux, the GoogleX ConTech start up where he led innovation sessions and Hackathons for clients like LafargeHolcim. Their proof of concept was so inevitable that Chris joined Jeff in founding StruxHub.

In addition to Flux Chris has led product at Autodesk, Pivotal Labs, Lego and Interval Research. He has also founded 3 other start ups.

When he is not working...well, Chris is always working.


StruxHub is a mobile construction management software giving builders real-time logistics coordination & schedule tracking on jobsites. Our mission is to help builders build better with easy-to-use technology. If this sounds like something for you, please get in touch. Talk to you soon. 

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