Chaos Controlled

Frequent disruptions from the daily chaos of late and unplanned deliveries waste time, money, & put projects at risk.  


StruxHub Deliveries is a fully-customizable, online booking system for deliveries and equipment on your jobsite.

Shared Delivery & Equipment Calendars

No more wasted time in collecting and consolidating delivery requests from trades.


With StruxHub, trades can access shared Project delivery & equipment calendars and book the best time to get their trucks on site.

Customizeable Delivery Forms

Every job is different, so we've made it easy to setup your Project specific offloading zones, entry gates, offloading equipment, dock masters & more.

State Change Notifications

We know it's hard to keep everyone up to date and equally hard to find the right emails.

StruxHub simplifies communication by automatically notifying teams when deliveries are changed, scheduled, on site, inspected, & completed.

Delivery Logs

Searching for information regarding quality issues and claims in paper delivery tickets is frustrating and inefficient.

In StruxHub, you can always find the info you need since every delivery has a historical log of photos and notes captured in the field.


It's hard to improve processes that you don't measure.​

By tracking all deliveries on the jobsite, you can see which teams need to step up, where congestion is happening, as well as uncover entirely new opportunities to improve logistics on your site.

Benefits for all Stakeholders

General Contractrors



Gain back the lost time in coordinating deliveries and in breaking up fights between trades.

Always be confident of getting your materials on site and on time for your crews to work.

Stay plugged into the Project and get informed of changes to every delivery.

For alla safer, more efficient site that saves money

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StruxHub is a mobile construction management software giving builders real-time logistics coordination & schedule tracking on jobsites. Our mission is to help builders build better with easy-to-use technology. If this sounds like something for you, please get in touch. Talk to you soon. 

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