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Take your schedule to the field

The manual process of updating a schedule is too slow and error prone for fast paced Projects.

StruxHub Schedule is a lean production tool that helps communicate schedules, visualize work areas & track progress in the Field.

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Sync with P6

Bringing your P6 master schedule into StruxHub is as easy as dragging and dropping your .xer file into StruxHub. We'll read in all of your activities, resources, and codes no matter how big the Project.

Pushing back to P6 is just as convenient---with 1 click, we'll export your StruxHub field data to import back into P6.

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Live Field Schedules 

Lookahead printouts are almost out of date once they come off the printer.

With StruxHub, everyone on your Project will have access to the latest schedule, viewable on any device and in Gantt or list mode. The interface is designed specifically for field teams, so they can easily filter activities by company, location, and criticality.

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Daily Task Lists

In StruxHub, activities can be assigned to your Supers or trades, so that they have a focused daily task list containing only those activities for which they are responsible.

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Instant Field Updates

Supers shouldn’t have to process their reports at home or on the weekends while watching the game.

In StruxHub, Supers can quickly update progress and manpower on their assigned activities while walking the jobsite. This information is instantly shared with the rest of the Project.

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