The All-in-One Construction Management Software for Field Teams

StruxHub helps general contractors coordinate materials deliveries, inspections, & construction schedules with their trade partners.


Why Contractors Hire StruxHub

Delivery Management

Reduce congestion & coordination time by over 50% by scheduling your materials deliveries & site resources with StruxHub Deliveries.

Work Permits

Stop losing 30-60 min every time your trade needs a work permit signed off. Streamline approvals & visualize hazards with StruxHub Forms.

Construction Scheduling

Communicate, track, & better execute your short-term construction schedules with StruxHub Schedule.

Site Announcements

Communicate site announcements, sitemaps, & critical work for the day to every on-site worker with StruxHub Home.

Construction Management Software


StruxHub Deliveries is a delivery management software to coordinate materials deliveries & site resources with your trade partners.

  • Approve booking requests from trades
  • Control access to locations & equipment
  • Visualize congestion on site maps
  • Communicate site access maps to drivers


StruxHub Forms is a digital forms software to streamline work permit, inspection, & other paper-based workflows.

  • Includes a library of editable work permit templates
  • Create inspection checklists & schedules
  • Route inspections & approvals to responsibles
  • Visualize hazards & active permits on floor plans


StruxHub Schedule is a scheduling software for field teams to communicate & track short-term construction schedules.

  • Import schedules from P6, MS Project, or Excel
  • Assign activities to workers & crews
  • Track progress, plan percent complete (PPC) & issues
  • Visualize work areas on site maps & floor plans


StruxHub Home is a communication platform for your Project that helps you connect with all workers on your site.

  • Communicate announcements, files, sitemaps to all workers
  • Quickly find & contact field personnel
  • Message teams & individuals
  • Onboard new workers
Granular Site Control

“That jobsite is split up into 30 different zones and each subcontractor can pick where they will deliver to. If we didn’t have a digital way to do that, there’s no way we could plan to that level.”

Justin Porter, Construction Technology & Innovation Director
Truebeck Construction

Gain back Project Time

"We don't even have to think about deliveries any more. We just turn on some site logistics restrictions, and it basically runs itself now."

Chekota Newhart, Superintendent
Turner Construction

trade Accountability

"StruxHub has been monumental in helping us stay on track with our deliveries. StruxHub enables us to be accountable...This is my first experience with anything comparable to StruxHub and I’ve been in the industry for 18 years."

Nicole Tusa, Project Manager
United Mechanical

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StruxHub can help coordinate your operations on jobs of any type and size. We’ve helped downtown highrises, office campuses, hospitals, airports, data centers, & more.

Uber HQ

San Francisco, CA, USA
Truebeck Construction

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Menlo Park, CA, USA Truebeck Construction

Air Product HQ

Trexlertown, PA, USA Turner Construction

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Austin, TX, USA DPR Construction

How StruxHub works

StruxHub takes all your disconnected project data and turns them into actionable workflows for users in the field.


Proven Field Adoption

Eliminate congestion & reduce coordination time by over 50% by scheduling your materials deliveries & site resources with StruxHub Deliveries.

10x ROI

Past projects show at least a 10x ROI from reduced coordination time, less paper work, & better safety communication.

Unlimited Users

To facilitate on-site collaboration, StruxHub projects include an unlimited amount of users, site resources, & data storage.

24/7 Support

We offer a 24/7 real-time chat support to quickly resolve issues and to capture your feedback for continual product improvements.

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