We hear you

StruxHub was born walking jobsites around the world and listening to your daily frictions. In 2019, we decided to do something about it and launched StruxHub.

Our Story

StruxHub was born walking jobsites. We’ve spent hundreds of hours talking with builders around the world and trying to understand their daily frictions.

Each conversation seems to light a spark. Ask a new question. Focus our attention.

Ultimately, these conversations are why we built StruxHub.

Repeatedly, we saw that—no matter where you were in the world, how progressive the contractor, how critical the job—Projects still suffered from unplanned delivery trucks showing up and waiting for hours on the street to get on site. This daily chaos was disrupting work and was costing builders time and money.

When digging into why this was happening, we found that it was simply that general contractors lacked access to the right tools. Paper forms and whiteboards simply didn’t match the speed and agility needed in orchestrating the real-time coordination needed on complex jobsites.

This discovery eventually allowed us to articulate our broader mission at StruxHub; that is, to help builders build better—with greater transparency, with less waste, and with more consistent outcomes.

Despite all the activity in construction tech, there is still an enormous opportunity to better serve the day-to-day operational needs of construction professionals in the field.

So to all of the builders out there, we at StruxHub just wanted to let you know that we hear you. And we’re looking forward to walking your jobsite with you. Talk to you soon.

What We Care About

Helping Builders Succeed

Everything we do at StruxHub—from prioritizing our backlog to hiring—is singularly focused on making the lives of builders easier, more productive, & safer.

Human-Centered Design

We are product designers at heart. Everyday we try to channel the inspiration from our users into our craft to make StruxHub intuitive & delightful to use.


We know that rolling out a new technology on jobsites is challenging. So when you sign up for StruxHub, you can call us anytime and get a response in minutes.

Leadership Team

Jeff Chen


Jeff started up StruxHub after spending a year in the field talking with amazing builders around the world.

Jeff is a product guy at heart. Before StruxHub, Jeff worked in France and developed new building materials that are being used around the world. During that time, he also learned how to speak French & lead teams to do great work.

Today, when Jeff isn’t building StruxHub, he hangs out with his wife, 2 kids, & 2 dogs in Zurich and sneaks off to go for swim in the lake whenever he can.

Chris Schmidt

Chief Product officer

Chris met Jeff while working at Flux, the GoogleX ConTech start up where he led innovation sessions and Hackathons for clients like LafargeHolcim. Their proof of concept was so enticing that Chris joined Jeff in founding StruxHub.

In addition to Flux Chris has led product at Autodesk, Pivotal Labs, Lego and Interval Research. He has also founded 3 other start ups.

When Chris is not working…well, Chris is always working.