Scheduling software for construction field teams

General contractors use StruxHub to track short-term construction schedules and collaborate with trades.


Construction Scheduling Software

Collaborative Schedules

Transform your P6, Microsoft Project, or Excel schedules into collaborative schedules that you can share with everyone on the Project.

Visualize Work Areas

Communicate where teams are working on floor plans & sitemaps.

Daily Task Lists

Activities can be assigned to your crews, so that they have a focused daily task list accessible on their phones.

Real-Time Field Updates

Supers can quickly update progress and flag issues while walking the jobsite.

View On Any Device

View scheduled activities on any device including mobile, tablet, & desktop.

Rule-Based Notifications

Set up rules so that your Supers automatically get notified for their scope of work.

Historical Logs

Keep a time-stamped record of every state change, photo, & note for back-up against claims.

Schedule Reports

Create reports on completed activities and see performance metrics by team, company, location, & more.

Linked Workflows

Quickly see if work is ready to start by visualizing scheduled deliveries & permits associated with each activity.

Procore Integrations

Pull in your Procore users & drawings into StruxHub and push back StruxHub actuals into Procore dailies.

Do things once

“We waste a ton of time managing in one app & then recording in another. I’m double dipping. I just want to update things once and then have it recorded & shared.”


stop wasting paper

“Our lookahead schedules are out-of-date almost immediately after we finish printing them.”

Project Manager

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StruxHub can help coordinate your operations on jobs of any type and size. We’ve helped downtown highrises, office campuses, hospitals, airports, data centers, & more.

Uber HQ

San Francisco, CA, USA
Truebeck Construction

Facebook MPK22

Menlo Park, CA, USA
Truebeck Construction

Air Product HQ

Trexlertown, PA, USA Turner Construction

Domain 9

Austin, TX, USA DPR Construction


Cut Admin
Time by 50%

Gain back hours of lost time in communicating, consolidating, & updating schedules every week.

Do Things

Have progress update automatically as they walk the job and update tasks. The office & field will truly be in sync.

Help Visualize
the Work

Show crews exactly where they need to be and when on sitemaps & plans.

Try StruxHub on your project

Book time with our team to see if we’re a good fit for your existing or future project.