Delivery management software for construction jobsites

General contractors use StruxHub to coordinate materials deliveries, site resources, and on-site traffic on their most challenging jobsites.


Delivery Management Software

Delivery Scheduling

Reduce conflicts & coordination time by letting your trades request delivery & resource bookings for your teams to approve.

Site Logistics Control

Manage all of your site locations & resources. Set logistics rules so that vehicles are directed only along permitted paths.

Live Site Maps

Create live site maps that help visualize booked zones, closures, & on-site congestion.

Driver communication

Communicate detailed site access maps to drivers so that they know exactly where to enter the site and where to offload materials.

View On Any Device

View delivery calendars, lists, and maps on any device including mobile, tablet, & desktop.

Rule-Based Notifications

Set up rules so that your Supers automatically get notified for their scope of work.

Historical Logs

Keep a time-stamped record of every state change, photo, & note to protect against claims.

Delivery Reports

Print out delivery booking reports and get detailed insights on resources, adoption, & performance metrics.

Materials Management

Keep track of what materials have been delivered with the help of CSI MasterFormat categories.

Procore Integrations

Pull in your Procore users & associate submittals, inspections or dailies with your StruxHub deliveries.

Granular Site Control

“That jobsite is split up into 30 different zones and each subcontractor can pick where they will deliver to. If we didn’t have a digital way to do that, there’s no way we could plan to that level”

Justin Porter
Construction Technology & Innovation Director
Truebeck Construction

Reducing Project Risk

During our recent Project Risk Assessment, upper management was really impressed with how StruxHub was improving material handling, crane use time, and safety procedures for getting vendors in and out of the site.

Wintana Alem, Area Superintendent
Hensel Phelps

Gain back Project Time

"We don't even have to think about deliveries any more. We just turn on some site logistics restrictions, and it basically runs itself now."

Chekota Newhart, Superintendent
Turner Construction

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StruxHub can help coordinate your operations on jobs of any type and size. We’ve helped downtown highrises, office campuses, hospitals, airports, data centers, & more.

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San Francisco, CA, USA
Truebeck Construction

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Benefits for All Stakeholders


  • Keep your Project on-track
  • Minimize traffic around your site
  • Communicate logistics impacts to the public


  • Reduce resources on delivery coordination
  • Eliminate unplanned deliveries
  • Boost productivity & safety on-site


  • Schedule deliveries in-advance
  • Have confidence in getting deliveries on-site
  • Avoid additional crane rental fees

Materials Suppliers

  • Send drivers precise locations of entry gates
  • Get notified of delivery changes
  • Less waiting time for drivers to get on-site

Try StruxHub on your project

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