How to Control Jobsite Access and Track Key Project Metrics with QR Codes

In the dynamic world of construction, managing access to jobsites efficiently and ensuring the safety of workers is paramount. We’re thrilled to announce our latest product addition, a game-changing solution that improves how general contractors:

  • Control access to the jobsite and restricted locations on the project
  • Improve the orientation process and safety certification verification
  • Automatically generate powerful project, labor, and safety reports

QR Code Scanner Construction Site Security

Control access to the jobsite and restricted locations on the project using scan stations

Wish you could maintain control of who has access to your jobsite and track who’s coming and going at any given time? Now you can – with StruxHub.

Jobs with sensitive or expensive equipment and materials — like pharmaceutical or hospital projects — usually call for additional security measures like secured entrances and restricted photography. More often than not, this means adding expensive, additional hardware and software that are a headache to set up. After everything is said and done, all this data is either lost to the ether or manually and painstakingly exported and compiled for reporting purposes.

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With StruxHub, you get control and visibility over the security of your site, completely customized to the needs of your project.

How it works:

  1. Customize access on a trade-by-trade by generating and assigning QR codes.
  2. Gatekeepers simply scan a visitor’s QR code to verify security clearance and certification compliance
  3. With a complete record of site visitors, you can generate reports with just a few clicks

The result? Better project security, safety, and reporting. Let’s dive into how it works.

Improve the orientation process and safety certification verification

Orientation and induction are paramount for ensuring safety on the jobsite, but tracking compliance can be tedious and difficult.

Now you can expedite the onboarding process for new workers through digital orientations and ensure every worker is well-versed in safety protocols and project specifics. Once a worker completes orientation and safety courses, their StruxHub profile is updated so gatekeepers can screen and verify workers have completed training and are certified to access the site.

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Now it’s easier than ever to verify qualifications by implementing certification-based access requirements, ensuring a highly skilled and 100% compliant workforce.

Automatically create key project reports

Your team is likely wasting a ton of time collecting disconnected data from disparate systems and applications to generate necessary reports around safety and manpower for stakeholders and meetings.

With StruxHub, you can empower your team with robust, built-in project reporting tools. Reports like:

  • Manpower hours
  • Injury rates
  • Total time onsite
  • Manifest of all visitors to the site
  • Travel time
  • Compliance reports
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reports
  • And more!

Daily manpower tracking and reporting

Labor tracking is the process of monitoring the number of hours employees work on a project. This information is used to generate reports, like daily manpower, that help managers understand labor costs and employee productivity.

By scanning trades on and off the jobsite with StruxHub, these managers can generate more accurate reports using precise manhours.

Safety and injury tracking and reporting

Calculating and generating health and safety reports for stakeholders just got a whole lot easier too. Because StruxHub allows you to accurately track all manhours for your jobsite, you can easily calculate injury reports that you can highlight to your internal team — or even to potential customers.

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With more visibility into what’s happening on the job, your team can also identify potential safety issues faster, and correct them right away.

Reduce labor inflation with time in/time tracking and reporting

If you have many spread-out or secure jobs (like airports or stadiums), you’re probably having to bus your trades in and out on the jobsite, and reimburse them for that travel time.

As a result, you’re probably arguing over — or worse, wasting money guessing — travel time.

With StruxHub, you can reduce labor inflation and satisfy union reimbursement rules by automatically logging worker hours. Getting an exact count of travel time is now as simple as scanning workers as they get on and off the bus.

Retain a record of everyone that comes onsite

Unlike a paper sign-in, digital solutions, like StruxHub, allow you to track and store a log of every visitor to the jobsite and restricted locations in case you need it later.

Now, with StruxHub, not only do you have more visibility into your deliveries and schedule, but you also have total visibility into who is coming and going throughout the project.

Fully customizable trade tracking

The best part is, this flexible solution is completely custom to the needs of your project.

For high-security projects, you can integrate StruxHub with existing turnstiles — or simply connect a tablet, mobile phone, or other scanner.

QR codes can be handled in a variety of ways too, including scanning in/out via: badges, mobile phone, scannable helmet stickers, Apple Wallets – and more.

To learn more about how StruxHub can streamline your construction management processes, request a demo today. By completing our form, you’ll hear from our team soon to discuss how StruxHub can help you: 

Chekota Newhart | Superintendent | Turner Construction

“We don’t even have to think about deliveries anymore. We just turn on some site logistics restrictions, and it basically runs itself now.”

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No additional equipment is required. It can be hooked up to scan hardware connected to an iPhone or iPad.

You can either bulk end the timer for everyone, using End Ride, or you can scan users individually.

Sure! You can buy or print out QR codes and assign these as additional user identifiers.

When a user scans in, the scanner flashes green (for access permitted) or red (access denied). Whether the user is granted access or not, the scan is logged.