How Truebeck Construction Reduces Coordination Time with StruxHub

“Before StruxHub, we were using a binder with sign-in/sign-out times for a $500M project with 350 guys on the jobsite. After StruxHub, we were able to limit our delivery spaces to the existing loading docks of the two buildings and get people in and out more efficiently. We’ve seen StruxHub take off immensely. People are planning better, subcontractors appreciate it more, and it really limits how much time is needed in the office to manage the delivery process. StruxHub has helped us tremendously.”

David Steenson, Senior Project Manager | Truebeck Construction

Truebeck Construction’s ROI on this project:

  • 93% trade adoption
  • Cut coordination time 50%
  • Deliveries booked 3x faster than other projects

Want to streamline your construction management processes? Schedule a demo to learn how StruxHub can help you:

  • Schedule material deliveries with your trades
  • Coordinate site resources and on-site logistics
  • Digitize work permits and inspection forms
  • Communicate and track P6 and Excel schedules
  • Broadcast announcements to field teams

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